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Our projects

Raw Catalog

An extensive library of high-quality art resources
used for the production of films, visualization,
animation and computer games.

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A unique web-based solution for
demonstrating products using augmented reality
in advertising, print, internet and social media!

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Job vacancies

3D Developer
To work on mobile and web applications requires an experienced programmer in three-dimensional space.


  • Skills: Javascript, C#.
  • Experience: Three.js and Unity.
  • Practice: animations, shaders and materials, render, particles.
Sales Manager
To promote products on the Internet and social networks, our need a manager capable of dialogue with customers.


  • Skills: English and Russian language.
  • Experience: SEO and traffic research.
  • Practice: psychology of writing articles, audience behavior, customer expectations.
Web Developer
The development of existing server platforms requires a ninja able to cope with high loads.


  • Skills: PHP, SQL, API.
  • Experience: web services architecture.
  • Practice: code and database optimization, search for quick and easy solutions.
3D Artist
For the visual presentation of products and the expansion of libraries our need a trained eye of an artist.


  • Skills: Unity, Substance.
  • Experience: creating models and animations.
  • Practice: topology, nodes, texturing and baking.
UI Designer
To improve the perception of services and expanding libraries, we are in search of a guru "brush and roller".


  • Skills: Photoshop, Illustrator.
  • Experience: GUI design of completed products.
  • Practice: usability, layout principles, fashion trends and color theory.

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Perm Kray, Chaykovskiy.

We are always open for cooperation in various fields and projects.
If you have an idea, please contact us and we will create it together!

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